The Charity Payment Solution.

Become a fundraiser of the future and accelerate your efforts.

Did you know we can help you drive big transformations within your charity with no disruption?
Digitise, simplify and manage your fundraising activities all through the Voilo Pay app - your charity payment solution.

Save on your transaction fees with every donation, and maximise the vital funds you raise.
Download to set your fundraising free.
Download to set your fundraising free.

Charity Donation Technology Supported by Major UK Banks

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The most portable charity payment solution on the market

  • By App
    Taking payments from a QR code directly generated by your smartphone device

  • By printed code and POS material
    Taking payments with a scan of printed and branded QR codes

  • By payment link
    Sending a link in a message or embedding in an invoice

Claim Gift Aid Easily

Gift aid is applied automatically when opted in by the donor directly through your bespoke donation landing page. All with a simple ink

You can even reduce the admin associated with the HMRC submission with our simple link up. 

How it Works:

Scan the QR Code.
Donors can scan a Voilo generated QR code.
Input an Amount
Quick select or type a custom amount and input Gift Aid info.
Search or select banking app and pay with touch or face ID

Donation technology with the community at its heart

We’ve got our own chosen charity we work with. You can see how easy the donation and payment process is by using a Voilo QR code payment and the potential behind growing your brand.

Case Studies

Groundbreaking, it’ll certainly change the charity world.

Local Charity LoveBrum

For Us, It Wasn’t Worth Going Cashless Until Voilo.

Local Band Flake

Affordable Payments That Get Customers Talking.

Local Publisher

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