Getting to know Voilo

When it comes to technology, especially that which can drive communities forward, we believe nobody should be left behind.

Payment solutions have come a long way in recent years, expedited by the pandemic, and the adoption of digital ‘cardless’ and ‘cashless’ methods of transacting.

There are big opportunities for small independent businesses and charities, but the playing field is anything but level.

We’ve designed our proposition to put these organisations in the strongest of positions, able to operate without the headache of high transaction overheads and without the need to invest in expensive hardware.

We’ve put our focus on helping communities thrive and connect, adding value, automatically, at any point of sale.
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Our Mission
Levelling the playing field for every business and charity with unrivalled access to affordable support, leading-edge technology and insights.
Our Purpose
To create a living network that empowers communities and provides them with the opportunity to connect.
Our Vision
Delivering transformational technology to every business and charity in the world, giving them the tools and insights to maximise their potential.

Our Values

We demonstrate passion and enthusiasm and are known for our steely determination. We are curious and will find creative solutions to push boundaries and continually innovate and inspire
We work together with a common purpose. We encourage openness and collaboration and are dedicated to creating ways to support and give back to the community.
We genuinely care about all our people and customers, always considering the wider impact, acting with respect and integrity at all times.

Meet the Team.

Founded in April 2021 by Ravi Ranjan & Ronan Hynes, who saw a need for an innovative technology solution to help level the playing field for small businesses & third sectors. Ravi brings expertise in Product Innovation and the fintech-loyalty sector. With an MBA, and engineering degree, he previously co-founded a startup in India. Ravi was honoured as 2021 Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year by the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce – ABCC. Hailing from Birmingham, Ronan has always pursued innovation. He gained startup experience by launching his first app at 16 and was named the Birmingham Young Tech Talent of the Year in 2023 by Birmingham Tech Award. 

Ravi and Ronan combine broad experience in technology, business, and entrepreneurship with a shared vision of helping small businesses through innovation. Their complementary backgrounds position Voilo for continued growth and impact.
Voilo has successfully raised two funding rounds and is backed by Barclays Rise Fintech Accelerator. The passionate Voilo team includes professionals across sales, operations, product innovation and tech.
The company is backed by advisors who are seasoned entrepreneurs themselves, having built and exited successful companies. This diverse group offers well-rounded expertise and a proven track record to execute Voilo’s mission. Their passion and commitment drive the company’s continued growth and positive impact supporting small businesses through innovative technology. Voilo’s team culture is rooted in making a difference in our communities. 

Team Awards