LoveBrum x Voilo: “Groundbreaking, it’ll certainly change the charity world”

Over the last few months, we’ve seen Voilo in action at various LoveBrum events. Now, we’re looking at how collaborations like this positively impact our local community.

As a charity partnering with various events, LoveBrum needed a payment system that doesn’t rely on weighty terminals, can be easily implemented into any venue and adapts to different circumstances.

“Fundraising is at our core, and we are always looking at ways to simplify the way people can donate to us — Voilo has done just that for us.”

Every company and organisation who signs up to Voilo gets their own unique static QR code. Static QRs can be printed, used and reused continuously. Patrons simply scan the code at anytime, and pay, tip or, of course, donate.

Alternatively, volunteers can download and log into LoveBrum’s central account allowing them to focus more on communicating the importantance of the projects funded by the charity.

Whilst charity is inherently not-for-profit, you may not realise the platforms, you choose to donate through, do profit off your charitable transactions…and charities like LoveBrum are left to foot the bill.

Up to 90% of these transaction charges can actually be rerouted back into our community. Voilo connects charities to the best of banking technology facilitating transactions for some of the lowest costs on the market. This means, more of your donation goes towards various volunteer led projects that deliver ‘real change, with outcomes that can be seen, measured, enjoyed, and loved.’

We’re really excited to continue supporting LoveBrum in their fantastic work across the city. If you want to get involved you can become a LoveBrum member or, alternatively, sign up for their March 11th Fire & Ice Walk event and hopefully we’ll see you there!

If you think Voilo can work for your charity or business book, in a chat with a member of our team here.

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