Unique QR Payment Solutions

Voilo is an innovative payment system that works well for businesses and consumers alike, with cheap and secure payments enabling businesses to save up to 90% in transaction costs.

The list of businesses and charities now using Voilo payment solution:


Businesses can now take secure payments using a unique QR payment system, with reduced transaction costs.
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Donating to a charity, fundraising and crowdfunding has never been easier or cheaper.
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Consumers can now pay using a secure and unique QR payment system, keeping their card details safe.
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About us

Voilo is an app that allows shoppers to make payments, and businesses and charities to take payments, using a unique QR payment system. Payments are more secure and they are cheaper, enabling businesses to save up to 90% of their current transaction costs. When a shopper pays, the money is taken from their card.

This money becomes available immediately to business owners, giving them more control over their finances. Businesses using VOILO have the benefits of a loyalty system, allowing them to reward their loyal customers, benefitting businesses and shoppers alike. Available on a flexible contract with no hidden fees.
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Why Choose Voilo

Some of the many reasons you should move to Voilo:

Nearby Offers

Wherever you go carry your offers with you

Reward Wallet

Keep all loyalty and reward cards at one place

Data Security

Control & protect your data privacy
Shoppers have the ability to browse local businesses to find the best deals and receive rewards for every transaction through the app.
Businesses and charities can accept payments quickly and securely, they receive the funds into their bank immediately and pay up to 90% less on transaction costs. Through the app they can also reward customer loyalty.
The app can be used to send and receive money to friends and family, securely.
There are no hidden fees, so shoppers, charities and businesses alike, will all know exactly what they are paying.
There is no contract, you can try the service and if you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time, that’s how confident we are in our new payment service.
With Voilo, there is no need to carry your card around, therefore, there is much less risk that your card details will be compromised or shared.

Voilo has been fortunate to receive a number of awards:

Very low transaction fees: save upto 90% of your current transaction cost. No hidden fees or longterm contracts: Our fully flexible contract, is easy to understand and wont leave you with any suprise charges...

Attract New Customers

Get higher customer footfall: Promote your offerings and deals within the Voilo app
Raise your brand awareness: Allow more people to see your product and services through our promotional partners Share
Your story: Be part of our wider community of local businesses supporting local business
67% of UK consumers search online for offers prior to purchase

Retain Your Customers

Reward your most loyal customers: Let your customers know you value you them with a digital loyalty scheme
Control your rewards: Utilse a digital stamp or cumulative point based system giving you full flexibilty
Build your customer base: Analyse your loyalty scheme to adapt to the changing climate and perfect your rewards
74% of consumers shop at stores where they can earn reward points

Grow Your Business

Very low transaction fees: save upto 90% of your current transaction cost
No hidden fees or longterm contracts: Our fully flexible contract, is easy to understand and wont leave you with any suprise charges
Get paid quicker: Manage your cashflow better by getting money into your account almost instantly
72% of local stores, lack capabilities and resources to analyse and predict their business growth

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About Voilo

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Registering with Voilo

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Voilo charity

Some more specific information for our charitable users.
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